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Jonathan AdlerJonathan E. Adler

Ph.D. Brandeis University
D.Phil. Oxford University

Curriculum Vitae

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Research Interests



Philosophy of Psychology

Informal Logic

Philosophy of Education

Courses Recently Taught

Epistemology (Spring 2008)

Reason and Self-Control (Fall 2007)

Possibility; co-taught with Arnold Koslow (Fall 2005)

Belief (Spring 2005)

Testimony (Spring 2004)

Reasoning (Spring 2010, Spring 2003)

Representative Publications

Belief's Own Ethics (Cambridge: The MIT Press, 2002).

Reasoning: Studies of Human Inference and its Foundations
(Cambridge University Press 2008) (with Lance Rips).

“Resisting the Force of Argument” Journal of Philosophy CVI 2009: 339-364 (correction CVI, 8: p.474.)

“Another Argument for the Knowledge Norm” Analysis 69 2009: 407-412.

“Surprise” Educational Theory 58 2008: 149-174

“Inferring Character from Reasoning: The Example of Euthyphro” American Philosophical Quarterly 45 2008: 43-57 (with Iakovos Vasiliou)

“Withdrawal and Contextualism” Analysis 66 2006: 280-285.

“Confidence in Argument” Canadian Journal of Philosophy 36 2006: 225-258.

“Epistemological Problems of Testimony” The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

“Diversity, Social Inquiries, and Epistemic Virtues” Veritas 2005: 37-52.

“Reliabilist Justification (or Knowledge) as a Good Truth-Ratio” Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 85 2005: 445-458.

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