Science & the Arts 

Science Vaudeville
Monday, March 1, 6pm


BOB FRIEDHOFFER brings scientific entertainment to the public using proprietary, unique, innovative forms of exposition that astound, mystify, entertain and edify. In other words, he makes science interesting and fun. His presentation today will concentrate on Newtonian mechanics, relativity, and the quantum world. Many of the principles that will be discussed and explained are difficult to see in our everyday existence. Using humor, stagecraft, and lighting, along with laboratory experiments disguised as magical illusion, Friedhoffer will offer a perspective of science that you have never seen before. For further information on his work you may go to his website, where you can see a list of the books he has authored and toys that he has developed.

Bob Friedhoffer lives in New York.
His favorites:
Sandwich -Pastrami on rye
Soft drink - Dr. Brown’s cream soda
Pet - Schrodinger’s cat

“Then, my good friend, I said, do not use compulsion, but let early education be a sort of amusement; you will then be better able to find out the natural bent.”
Plato, The Republic


WILL SHAW’s award winning, comic juggling act has taken him across the country and around the world performing in theaters, schools , colleges, resorts, business events ,with major symphony orchestras, on TV and and even in movies. His juggling expertise, combined with humor and explanations of the scientific phenomena that make juggling possible make his presentation an educational experience that is also fun.


Dan Ritchard and Conrad Burdee

MULTI-TALENTED Dan Ritchard literally wrote the book on ventriloquism! - The funny and popular "How-To" book, Ventriloquism for the Total Dummy, published by Random House-Villard. As a former Teacher of Technology, his science-oriented background provides a unique source of humor. With his irrepressible partner, Conrad Burdee the Freelance Parrot, he has become an award-winning ventriloquist, magician, puppeteer, as well as a creativity consultant to corporations. He appeared with Oscar Winner Adrien Brody in the film Dummy. TV appearances include: Channel 13 Ventriloquism Special, Regis Philbin, Bill Boggs and Conan O'Brien. He produced and directed the documentary, Puppets - Fountain of Youth, about master puppeteer and nonegenarian, Alice May Hall. He edited the first and only CD-ROM [and book] on ventriloquism, Other Voices -- Ventriloquism from B.C. to TV, by Stanley Burns.

Joel Jeske balances a chair

Joel Jeske comes to New York City after completing four years with Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus. A 1996 graduate of Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Clown College, he served as producing clown for the Blue Unit of the circus for three years. Before joining Ringling, Joel founded Chicago's first experimental clown
troupe: Die Hanswurste. He wrote, directed, and performed in their three ground breaking productions: Klown:Prick Us and We'll Burst, Hats on Fire/Shoes on Fire, and Entertaining Mr. Fear. He has performed and toured with the Cambridge Footlights, The Second City Touring Company, and Chicago's ImprovOlympic. He is currently a member of the NY Goofs, New York's premiere clown troupe, and is an associate instructor of circus arts in New York City.